The Home Theater Doctor is now NIGHT & DAY AUDIO! After 15 years of providing all your custom room construction and home theater electronics needs, we've changed our business focus to only sell products that focus on 2 channel home stereo music systems and personal audio products like headphones, desktop DACs and headphone amplifiers; as well as portable headphone listening related products. Obviously, since we no longer solicit sales of home theater related products, continuing under our existing business name of "The Home Theater Doctor" didn't make a whole lot of sense, huh? :) While we've changed the business name, it's still the same crazy bunch of guys, lead by the owner, Shane Sangster, that you've always known and trusted to provide great advice, great products, and great prices.

Please just head over to our new e-commerce website at to learn more about our current product offerings and services. We'll be honored to assist you with any of your stereo and head-fi related product needs. If you are an existing The Home Theater Doctor customer and need some assistance with anything you've purchased from us in the past, please just head over to the new website and hit the Contact Us page to learn how to reach us. We will continue to support our existing customer base as long as you need us. We made the commitment to you at the time you purchased and we intend to honor our commitments to give you the best possible service after the sale we can offer! We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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